Casualty Services

Connected thinking that delivers a Single Source Disability Solution

As an insurer, no matter where your disability issues fall along the healthcare continuum – from prevention to management to resolution – Sibley solves your disability problems through connected thinking to provide a single source disability solution.

  • Immediate Intervention – immediate access to medical specialists and insurer examinations/diagnostic testing across Canada, plus immediate access to a registered healthcare professional to make sure your injuries and illnesses do not escalate into complex situations.
  • Comprehensive Management & Resolution – everything you need throughout the entire rehabilitation process with all services integrated and customized to address your clients’ specific requirements: Medical Assessment and Diagnostic Testing, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Kinesiology, Chiropractic Services, and Vocational Services.
  • Specialized Services – solutions tailored to specific client needs to minimize file duration and prevent issues from becoming more serious: catastrophic injury, acquired brain injury and cognitive impairments, older adults, paediatrics.
  • Best Coverage & Turnaround – advantages like registered health professionals nationwide and adaptable information technology solutions customized to your environment ensures Sibley has the solutions you need right now – wherever you need them.
  • Most Cost Effective – expertise gained since 1992 translates into an efficient approach to service delivery that has earned Sibley ISO Registration, including the ability to provide you with quantitative, outcome-based reports that demonstrate precisely how our solutions benefit you.