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July/August 2012

Where safe driving is concerned, age matters – as the 50+ population increases, the risk of “age-related” driving…
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Where safe driving is concerned, age matters – as the 50+ population increases, the risk of “age-related” driving…

“Proactive” is especially critical where the 104-week mark is concerned…

Here’s What to Look for When You Receive a Life Care Plan

Is your client ‘Work Ready’, but has no work? Here’s how you can help…

Minor injury, minor pain? Serious injury, serious pain? Not necessarily the case…

Successful return to work involves a lot of questions, Vocational Services help determine the answers…

To Be Effective, Diagnosis and Rehabilitation Must be Based on Scientific Evidence…

The First Important Step Toward a Successful Return to Work… Which Direction is Best for Your Client?

Spotlight On: Minor Injury Guideline – Key Message: Functional Restoration

Approaching the 104 Week Mark? Time to Assess Which Vocational Services are Right for Your Client…

Were the Reported Medical Injuries Sustained in the Motor Vehicle Accident?

Return to work planning: No job? No employer accommodation? Here’s what to do…

The Importance of Taking a Biopsychosocial Approach to Chronic Pain

Acquired Brain Injury

Bed Rest Is a Thing of the Past. Time to Get Active

Getting Inside Your Clients Head

The Inside Scoop on Key Medical Assessors

With chronic pain the take home message is clear – Collaborate for best results

How well do you know your brain

Immediate attention for best results

Clarifying the Purpose of the Executive Summary

The Spine Revealed

A to Z of frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions from A to Z

Medical Reports / Records Checklist

Ongoing communication – it’s the answer for smooth file management

Selected Highlights

Classifying neck pain to enhance recovery

When words are painful: Unraveling the mechanisms of the nocebo effect

The Nocebo effect… & how it may affect client recovery

Insurer Examination Checklist

Quality in / Quality out

Disability Insurer Examination Preparation

Is the client still disabled?

Review of the OCF- 18

The Med-Rehab Insurer Examination: Lessons Learned

Overview of the Neuropsychological Evaluation

Suspect Your Client Has a Mild Traumatic Brain Injury?

The Unique 55+ Client

Possible Indicators for Insurer Examinations

PGAP – what does it stand for?

Physiotherapists & Chiropractors as Primary Care Practitioners

TMJ versus TMD

Process Overview: Catastrophic Impairment Determination

An Overview of Catastrophic Impairment Determination

Regulated Health Professional Act (RHPA)

Retaining Qualified Medical Assessors

When to Use a Section 42 Paper Assessment

Overview of Section 42 Paper Assessment

References: Predicting Severity of Whiplash Injuries

Predicting Severity of Whiplash Injuries

Medical & Healthcare Specialists Directory

Insurer Examinations – Reference Tool

Rotator Cuff Muscles of the Shoulder

Understanding Shoulder Injuries in your MVA Client

Reference Chart: Catastrophic/Serious Injury Services

Defining Catastrophic Services

Physiotherapists give the green “thumbs up” to safe gardening

Ease Strains through Early Intervention

In-home Physiotherapy Services Checklist

Home Sweet Home! The Benefits of In-home Physiotherapy Services

Feel the Difference Proper Vehicle positioning can make

Put Yourself in the Driver’s Seat when it comes to Comfort & Safety

Aging Population: Older Clients How will this affect your work?

Examples of Physiological Issues related to Aging

Overview of the Discharge Planning Process

Communication! Communication! Communication! – The Key to Effective Discharge Planning!

Case Study: A Functional Restoration Program Success Story?

The Term: Functional Restoration What does it mean?

Overview of the Life Care Planner Certification

Certified Life Care Planner Designation What is it?

An Overview of the Medical Exercise Specialist

The Ideal Ingredients for an Effective Exercise Program

Tips to Help Decrease Stress & Cope with Change

“Change” – It’s all how you look at it!

Bill 198 & Section 42: What the Major Amendments Mean for You

The More Things Change, The More they stay the same! Bill 198 Amendments to Section 42


The Activities of Normal Life Intervention can be an effective “screening tool”…

The Role of Community Reintegration and your Acquired Brain Injury Clients

What is the WIT model?

Scoring the Glasgow Coma Scale

Assessing Brain Injury


Foot Fetish…How To Keep your Feet Healthy this Summer!

Making Regular Exercise a part of Your Lifestyle!

Exercise for Mental Health!

Treatments that Promote Successful Rehabilitation

The Trend Towards Active Treatment

Overview of Physiological Complications of Spinal Cord Injury (SCI)

Spinal Cord Injury Rehabilitation – Long Term Solutions

Rehab Focus

Today’s Adjuster needs to know everything from A to Z

Functional Abilities Evaluation (FAE) Testing Facilities

Returning your client to Suitable Employment

Overview of Quebec Task Force Clinical Classification of Whiplash Associated Disorders

How Classifying Whiplash Associated Disorders can help!

How to choose the Right Occupational Therapist for your SCI Clients

The Benefits of Early Occupational Therapy Intervention for your Spinal Cord Injured Clients

Accessible housing: The team approach

December 3, 2002 is International Day of Disabled Persons

Frequently Asked Questions About Job Search Training

Frequently Asked Questions; the A to Z of Rehabilitation

Feel The Difference!

Are We Properly EQUIPPED to Exercise?

Take Safety on Your Picnic

Eat your way to a long and healthy life!

Home Sweet Home: An In-home Physiotherapy success story

Speeding Up Recovery: How Physiotherapy Fits into Rehabilitation

When should an Attendant Care Assessment be Conducted?

The Form One: (an excerpt from The Canadian Independent Adjuster June 2002 issue

What happens when the Spinal Cord is Injured

Spinal Cord Injury – Estimates of the Incidence and Prevalence in Canada

What is a Neuropshycological Assessment

Parts of the Brain and Observed problems after Injury

What Is ISO?…how it can help you!

How is Brain Injury Severity Measured?

Fast and Efficient Discharge Planning

Stressed Out?…Here are some stress busters!

Think Outside the Box…and Get on The Ball!

Motor Vehicle Collision Dynamics. Factors to Consider

Low Speed MVAs can still have a big impact…

Work is no laughing matter? Or is it? We need to laugh more on the job…

Don’t Forget to Laugh!

Taking the Mystery out of Form 1 used for Attendant Care Assessments

ARCON MTM Functional Ability Summary

MTM Testing…Get the Most Out of Your Functional Abilities Evaluations!

Automated Document Management Systems

Online Communications…Revolutionizing The Way We Do Business

From Head To Toe in H2O. Benefits of Water (Aquatic) Therapy

Water (Aquatic) Therapy Represents an Ocean of Opprotunity. Why Not Catch the Wave?

Work Evaluation Tools Chart

Work Evaluation Tools – What’s the Difference?

Glossary Of Alternative and Complimentary Therapy Methods

What Does It All Mean…Clarifying The Different Types of Alternative and Complimentary Therapies

Home Modification Assessments..What to Look For!

Key Aspects of the Ideal Physical Rehabilitation Program

Home/Gym Exercise Programs – The Benefits of a Personalized, Individual Approach to Physical Rehabilitation…

How To Search The Internet…Made Simple

How To Get The Best Results From Job Search Training Programs

Work Can Be A Real Pain In The Neck

How To Get The Most From FAEs & IMEs

Future Care Cost Assessments: Everything you ever wanted to know

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