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Medical Expert Determinations

Half of Canadian men and one-third of the women, during their lifetime, will be diagnosed with one of these three illnesses: Cancer, Heart Attack, and Stroke
Statistical Facts*

  • 27.2% originate from cancer. There has been a 1% increase in the incidence of cancer—the highest cause of disability—every year for the last 35 years. Every year there are 145,000 diagnoses of cancer.
  • 26.6% originate from heart disease. Every year there are more than 70,000 heart attacks. Heart disease ranks close, as the second highest cause of disability. Consider that 50% of men and 30% of women aged 40 and under will develop coronary heart disease.
  • 7.4% originate from a cerebral vascular disease. Annually, 50,000 strokes occur among Canadians.
  • The survival factor: many will survive a critical illness due to advanced medical technology and may even go on disability.

Solutions for LTD Insurers

In order to assist LTD insurers we can use one of our dedicated Medical Professionals to evaluate claims to make the appropriate determination on the file. We have a dedicated team of multidisciplinary specialists trained to evaluate claims on time, every time.

We realize you need these claims evaluated quickly, as timely claims decisions are imperative. So why not utilize our technological advances to send your medical documentation. We will analyze information, and place the best medical professional to evaluate the claim. We will then provide you with the determination within 3 business days. We have evaluated Critical Illness claims, and Disability Claims to assist many LTD Insurers.

Call now and ask how your claims can be evaluated using Sibley’s exclusive MEDLINE.